Choice fatigue.

It’s 6:15 pm. I’m home from work. Yesterday I was teaching some ‘A’ Level students about the Runaway Tramcar Dilemma. They started to realise that attributing cause and effect, and identifying the consequences of one’s actions isn’t as easy as it seems.

I have some marking that needs doing. I have one lesson plan to finalise. I need to cook a meal for my wife who will at some point be home from a long professional day-trip to Glasgow. I could write another lengthy post for this as yet largely unpopulated blog. I quite fancy playing one of my musical instruments. I could read my new book on cognitive biases.  I could rest. But I can only do two, or  at a push three, properly.

Assuming this is the key criterion in the first place, which of the above will help me be (in the round) the better teacher tomorrow?

Answers on  postcard (with reasons) please.


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