One step forward, two back

I just can’t get the hang of this…

I’m clearly getting just too long in the tooth. I finally agreed to use one of those ink-stamps that most of the rest of the Department is already using. Personally, I prefer to hand-write comments to pupils myself without such bureaucratic interference. This one has “What Went Well…/ Even Better If…” on it, in line with the marking policy we are being told to use.

Well, I don’t like it. The lines are too close together for my handwriting and too black so you can’t read my words – and I’m limited to about ten words in each section. On most books I’ve just marked, my comments ended up overflowing and the whole thing became an illegible mess. And my style felt cramped – quite often I will write four or five lines on a piece of work if it warrants it.

Then there is the problem of finding a space in the average crammed exercise book to place a stamp that measures 11cm x 7cm. The whole annoying thing took longer than writing the comments by hand. Still I suppose some one somewhere is making good money from selling such things.

And this is Progress?



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